“The future norm for men’s custom clothing.”

Our 100% bespoke custom tailoring results in the highest quality garment. The in depth process of bespoke creates a suit that has the most accurate and flattering fit for the client.

Made To Measure VS 100% Bespoke

As opposed to many of our competitors who are made to measure meaning that they take standard existing patterns and modify those patterns according to your body shape, BookATailor prides itself on being 100% bespoke which indicates that a new pattern is handcrafted by our expert tailors for each client. We do not modify existing base patterns. In the case of made to measure, a tailor might be prone to miss some of the nuances of the individuals body as opposed to bespoke where a more in depth process takes place and more than purely measurements are needed such as the slope of the shoulder and the arch of the back. This process results in the most accurate fit to the client’s body profile.

Production Facility

BookATailor is independent in its production which significantly expedites delivery time and has our client’s garments ready in four to six weeks, a significantly shorter time than the industry norm.